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a website you say?

let's take some notes

A little birdie told me you'd like a website. Please answer a few questions to see whether we are the right fit.


before we start here are some ballpark figures


£2000 - £3000

Simple portfolio • promotional sites • small amount of content creation & pages • Individuals


£4000 - £6000 

Visual branding concept • content creation • small e-commerce • small agency/business • consultancy


£8000 - £10,000+

E- commerce • branding • content creation overload • medium to large business • brands • consultancy • additional digital services

ok, let's hear about your site

2. Select the type of content you want to go on your website
3. Would you require me to create content for your site?
4. From the content you have how much are you wanting on the website
5. Are you selling anything on your website?
5.1. If so how many products or items?
6. Are you wanting to update the website yourself?
tell me
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